Neck and Shoulder Pain

Treat neck and shoulder pain and stiffness with a visit to White Chiropractic Center.  Chiropractic treats the cause of pain and doesn’t simply cover up the symptoms with toxic drugs. 

Neck and Shoulder Pain 

Q & A

What causes neck and shoulder pain?

Most often, neck and shoulder pain results from soft tissue damage, which means your muscles, tendons, and ligaments have become tight or strained. Less common causes are degenerative disease, poor posture, trauma, or genetic abnormalities. Pain also stems from frozen shoulder, pinched nerves, or overuse.

Dr. White treats neck and shoulder pain  with electrical stimulation, hot packs, ultrasound, massage therapy, exercises, traction and chiropractic manipulation(traditional or non-force).

What can I expect at a visit?

You will meet with us to discuss your symptoms and medical history. We will analyze your spine and the affected area to determine the proper course of treatment. Expect your first therapy session at the initial appointment.


If you’re suffering from neck and shoulder pain, call and schedule an appointment with Dr.  White for a Free Consultation.


The practice is currently welcoming new patients and accepts most major forms of insurance.

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